We always try to get orders out as quickly as we can but please note there is currently a lead time of 2 weeks on our Rope & Glory orders

About our Ropes

Here at Land of Rope & Glory we supply a range of different ropes, all with different properties and qualities.  The vast majority of these ropes and cords are manufactured in-house, by us, here in North Yorkshire.  

Our twisted ropes are 3 strands made up of yarns that are twisted together holding a round shape. Our twisted ropes are medium lay meaning they are soft enough to easily splice but hard enough that they don’t unravel too easily. 

Our braided ropes are essentially hollow tubes, constructed in a similar way to weaving. We have 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32 plait braids - this number refers to how many bobbins of yarn are plaited together.

If you're looking for a natural material please note that all natural fibres have their own distinct natural scents; some love it and some don't!  This will fade with time but the timescale can differ with each batch.  If you don't like the smell of natural rope the only way to fully avoid its scent is to choose a synthetic alternative which is odourless.

Due to the nature of natural fibres, Natural Flax and Cotton rope will not last indefinitely outside and will weather when exposed to the elements. It is also worth mentioning that natural fibre ropes are more flammable than synthetic ropes which will melt rather than burn. 

Natural Flax Rope

Natural Flax a soft, slightly fluffy natural fibre that makes a strong but flexible rope.  Being a natural rope it is likely to have a natural scent -and the scent of flax can be quite prominent.  This scent should fade over time; however this depends on the ventilation of its environment and the rope itself as the strength of the scent can vary from batch to batch.

Natural Flax can be used outside but the natural fibres will wear and discolour over time with the weather, and will shrink and swell when wet.

Natural Cotton Rope

Ecru (undyed) Cotton is another soft fibre that makes a strong and flexible rope.  For a natural rope it has a very discreet scent; more neutral than the scent of Flax. Of all our ropes it is the easiest to dye at home although cotton does have a high resistance to most solvents. Unlike some of our other ropes cotton holds its natural colour well in UV light although over time this will weaken the fibres.

As with most natural fibres cotton is very absorbent and will increase diameter when wet and interestingly, unlike other natural fibres it increases in strength while wet.

Manila Rope

Manila comes from the abaca (banana) plant and its coarse and rustic fibres makes a beautifully rigid rope.  

Manila rope can be used outdoors but please be mindful that, like all natural fibres, it can shrink and swell when wet and will fade and weather when exposed to the elements.

Polyhemp Rope

A synthetic alternative to natural flax, it looks very similar but without the 'fluffy' fibres.  Polyhemp is more durable outdoors than natural ropes and will not shrink/swell when wet.  It is odourless which may be a consideration if wanting to avoid the scents that come with natural ropes.