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The first chapter is not how the story ends.

This familam got off to a bit of a false start with two out of three (so far!) kiddos getting a nasty tummy bug in their first week back at  school.  So it’s been a week of quarantine, disinfectant and pushing all agendas to the side until normality resumes.  Not quite the kickstart to the new year that I’d imagined. 


I love new starts, I always have. Anyone else get ‘that feeling’ when they start to fill in a new notebook or planner? It’s packed with hope and anticipation of fresh starts and new possibilities. But it also comes with the fear; of failure and best laid plans ending before they’ve even got started. One wrong move or an unplanned circumstance and that ‘newness’ is gone, along with the promise of that shiny fresh new page on which you’re drawing out your life.  


But you know what? There’s no foundation to that fear, so it’s time it was kicked to the curb. Nobody’s path is indefinitely straight and smooth; expecting as much will naturally lead to disappointment and frustration.  So, what if we did a 180 on our expectations of what lies ahead? I’ve read that the Japanese mend broken objects by filling the cracks with gold; they believe when something has suffered damage and has a history it only adds to it’s beauty. I think we can do the same with our plans and expectations.


Life isn’t about keeping the pages clean and empty. They’re there to be filled with all kinds of gloriously messy notes. That’s where the magic happens. 


In a veeery longwinded way, I guess I’m just sending a whole lot of love to you if your 2019 hasn’t started the way you expected. But know that the story never ends in the first chapter. You got this


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