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MMHW: You're not the only one.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Maternal Mental Health Week; I had planned to have this post written last week ready for this evening but my head's been so full of 'stuff' it was hard to even process words into a coherent sentence.  How apt.

This week has the potential to start some really important conversations; conversations that maybe we're a bit afraid to have.  But why are these conversations so scary? 

There has always been an expectation to cope with motherhood, but in this fast-paced age of social media and the exposure of filtered lives, there is an intense pressure to not just cope now, but appear to sail through it with our lipstick in tact and our home immaculate.   It's not easy then, holding your hand up and saying that it aint all rosey all the time.  There's the sense of failure that you're not quite good enough.  There's the embarrassment that you're not matching up to others.  Above all though, there's the fear that you're the only one that feels like this.

So let me smash the illusion for you my lovely.  

You're not the only one.  In fact, I reckon the only way you'd be out on your own is if you said you never found it tough being a mama.  Even then I wouldn't believe you.  It's the most wonderful, rewarding and fulfilling privilege in the world - motherhood; but man alive its a tough gig.  It takes gives you the most elated mountain-top experiences but it also has the capacity to bring you to your knees.  It's all part and parcel.  But just know, if you're finding it really tough sometimes, I promise you, you're not alone in this.

When we have these conversations we hear a resounding 'me too' in response.  And that's when speaking up and making yourself vulnerable in your honesty becomes worth it.

I'll be sharing to a couple of blog posts this week with some thoughts on motherhood, mental wellbeing and chasing after that damn allusive creature called 'balance' in the midst of being outnumbered by kids and navigating the realms of small-business. 

I'm not a qualified therapist, but I have experience of supporting vulnerable young girls and women, and I have personal experience of working on my own mental health.  I kicked my PTSD to the curb last year with the help of therapy and I continue to wrestle with anxiety.  Mostly though, I'm just a mama like you, and as the saying goes; when women support each other, incredible things happen.  So let's do this together.




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