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Enjoying, not enduring.


I recently heard about the Icelandic tradition of exchanging books on Christmas Eve, as part of Jólabókaflóð (Yule Book Flood’) and then spending the remainder of the evening reading at home.  Bliss. These guys know a thing or two about the art of hygge! It defo sounds a lot more chilled than manically constructing brightly coloured plastic with the stealth of a ninja in case the little ones haven’t quite fallen asleep! 


Here’s the thing: We all love the fairy lights and festive tunes but it’s so easy for the stress to set in.  Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Have you even started your Christmas shopping? Do you have a daily ten point plan for Elf of the shelf? What about a five course Christmas dinner? Are you going to hand craft personalised place cards, writing them in the blood of a virgin? 👀


Does it really HAVE to be stressful?


If it’s a hassle then it’s probably not worth stealing the joy away from Christmas. I can promise you - from someone who served frozen instant mash one year because she massively ballsed up her online Christmas grocery order - Christmas will still be Christmas if it’s not perfect.  It might actually be a bit more fun...!


Let’s decide now to enjoy Christmas preparations rather than endure them. 


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